Frequently asked questions

Are there any costs attached to the registration? 
No, participation in our conference is free of charge. Nonetheless, please do not forget to register for participation. 

Where can I register?
You can register here: 

Can I submit my abstract to be considered for the conference? 
Yes, until the 27th of November 2023

My paper has been selected for the conference, the PDFs that are submitted to you have to match the final PDFs? 

What are the requirements for the presentation?
The presentation has to be a PDF and no larger than 5MB. 

Will I receive an attendance certificate?
Yes, if you register using the above-provided link.

All the authors of the accepted abstracts need to register? 
Only the submitter of the abstract has to register. If the other authors want to attend the conference, they are more than welcome to register. 

Do I have to come to Cluj-Napoca, Romania for the conference?
Yes, at least one of the authors must register and be present during the conference.

What are the costs of the conference?
There will no participation fee, since costs for organizing the conference will be covered by the EUPHA Operating Grant. However, participants need to cover for their own travel and accommodation costs.

How can I become part of the EUPHA section Health Workforce Research?
You can sign up to become a member of the section here