The section Health Workforce Research (HWR) aims to serve as a network of all researchers who are interested in health workforce issues. It seeks to advance capacity building, knowledge exchange and networking to build health workforce as an independent, interdisciplinary and multi-professional field. This includes better research funding, new academic education programmes, comparative methodology and knowledge transfer and leadership that can help countries to build a people-centred and sustainable future health workforce.
The HWR section connects research, policy and practice as well as the different strands and disciplinary approaches of health workforce research, and the various groups and major institutional players in the field. The section also places health workforce research in the wider context of healthcare policy and services transformations, thus enhancing connections with the Health Services Research (HSR) section and other EUPHA activities. With a focus on Europe, the section also takes a broader perspective on global developments in health workforce research and welcomes international comparison, knowledge exchange and networking.

The Department of Public Health functions within the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of the Babeș-Bolyai University – the biggest and highest ranked university from Romania. The department is home to a full English educational track in public health – BA, MPH, PhD, the first of its kind in Romania and the region. The research activity of the department is mainly focused on health policy & management, social & behavioral health and violence & injury prevention. With partners from more than 30 countries, the department has an excellent track record of research and capacity building programs funded by the European Commission, the National Institutes of Health (USA) and other funding bodies.


The European Public Health Association, or EUPHA in short, is an umbrella organisation for public health associations and institutes in Europe. EUPHA was founded in 1992 by 15 members (12 countries). EUPHA now has 86 members from 47 countries.

WHO is the authority responsible for public health within the United Nations system. The WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) is one of WHO’s six regional offices around the world. It serves the WHO European Region, which comprises 53 countries, covering a vast geographical region from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. WHO/Europe staff are public health, scientific and technical experts, based in the main office in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 3 technical centres and in country offices in 30 Member States.

The Observatory supports and promotes evidence-based health policy-making through comprehensive and rigorous analysis of the dynamics of health care systems in Europe.